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On peace, compassion and empathy

On terrorism, political violence and peace

On teaching and research in peace and conflict studies

On resource governance and life in higher education

On, international studies and with a good dose of critical thought

Useful journal articles related to teaching and pedagogy (more to come, watch this space)

Innovative Teaching Approaches and Ideas (non technology based)

  • Boblett N (2012) ‘Scaffolding:  Defining the Metaphor’ Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL & Applied Linguistics  12(2), 1-16.
  • Ernst HR and Ernst TL (2005) ‘The Promise and Pitfalls of Differentiated Instruction for Undergraduate Political Science Courses:  Student and Instructor Impressions of an  Unconventional Teaching Strategy’ Journal of Political Science Education, 1:1, 39-59.
  • Robertson K (2012) ‘A Journal Club Workshop That Teaches Undergraduates a Systemic Method for Reading, Interpreting, and Presenting Primary Literature’  Journal of College and Science Teaching 41(6), 25-31.

Managing Group Work

  • Oakley B, Felder RM, Brent R and Elhajj I (2004) ‘Turning Student Groups into Effective Teams’ Journal of Student Centered Learning, 2(1), 9-34.
  • Huang S 2014 ‘Students Riding on Coattails during Group Work?  Five Simple Ideas to Try’

Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Teaching

  • Knotts G, Henderson L, Davidson RA and Swain JD (2009) ‘The Search for Authentic Practice Across the Disciplinary Divide’ College Teaching 57(4), 188-196.

Intercultural Issues in Education

  • Gay, G. (2000). Culturally responsive teaching: Theory, research and practice, New York, NY: Teachers’ College Press.
  • Sharan, Y. (2010). “Cooperative learning: A diversified pedagogy for diverse classrooms”. European Intercultural Education, 21(3), 195-203.

Reflective/Reflexive Writing

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