his blog is inspired by both my love of teaching but also a recognition that I don’t always get it right and need a space to reflect on my own practice.    While providing insight into it is like from an instructor’s point of view, from behind the lectern, it will also be a venue for me to reflect on my own (evolving) teaching style. My goal is to shift my thinking about teaching– to engage with my students in a way that invites them into an intellectual conversation (a phrase introduced to me by a colleague) as opposed to just offering them knowledge and crossing my fingers that they take it!  This will require me to come out ‘from behind the lectern’ (see what I did there), out of the safety of standing behind the lectern with my lecture notes firmly gripped in hand. It will require me to take some creative risks in pedagogy and my teaching style.

I hope that in my posts about my own approach to teaching and the challenges I face in the classroom, you will find find some useful ideas for your own teaching.  I also hope that you will be an active audience and share your own ideas and advice with my readers.  The tone of the blog will positive– focusing on the experiences and techniques that I think facilitate good teaching and looking for practical solutions to problems I do encounter.

Topics I plan to cover include teaching innovation (both technological and otherwise), the use of creative assignments, managing diverse (and admittedly sometimes challenging) classroom dynamics, student and staff well being and issues related to professional development/promotion/tenure.

I welcome guest posts– so if you feel you would like to contribute to my blog– please drop me an email at jenny.peterson@ubc.ca

That’s it for now! If you’d like to be kept updated with my posts “Like” this post or subscribe to my blog.

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